Friday, September 13, 2019

Paragis Mix Sobrang Bisa sa mga hirap mabuntis!!!

Health Benefits of Paragis Mix:

According to some herbal medicine experts, PARAGIS grass can cure sickness or diseases such as:

1. Cancer – Paragis’ antioxidants prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body.

2. Ovarian cyst and myoma – Ovarian cyst can be treated by Paragis tea.

3. Kidney problems – Paragis increase the amount of water in the body and expels the salt as urine because of its diuretic property.

4. Arthritis – Apply the heated leaves of Pargis with scraped coconut on the affected area.

5. Diabetes – Paragis has antidiabetic properties. Drink of its tea regularly.

6. Wound bleeding – Stops wound bleeding by applying the mixture on the affected area.

7. Parasites – It has laxative properties that fight parasites in the body.

8. UTI – Drink boiled leaves of Paragis to cure UTI.

9. Highblood pressure – It’s boiled leaves and stem helps balance and lower the risk of hypertension.

10. Fever – Drinking boiloed roots of Paragis lowers the fever.

11. Sprain – Apply minced leaves of Paragis on the affected area.

12. Dandruff – Mixed the minced and stem of Paragis on coconut oil. Use it as a shampoo. It also uses for hair growth and stops falling hair.

13. Dysentery – Drinking boiled roots of Paragis help cure gastroenteritis (Diarrhea with blood).

Boosting of Immune System:

-Helps Fight Cancer
-Cleanse Body

-Can help prevent the following:
-Irregular Menstruation
-High Cholesterol
-Digestive Problem
-Kidney Problem
-Acid Reflux
-Joint and Muscle Pain
-Weak Immune System
-and many more

-Reminder: Not Suitable for Anemic, Pregnant Women and Breastfeeding Moms

A Grass that can cure numerous diseases went viral.

Grass is considered as herbage which is suitable or used for grazing animals but never been used as a treatment for any kind of disease. Recently, a grass called Paragis, went viral because of its endless health benefits.

We are blessed to have this in the Philippines and it can also be seen in tropical countries. Many people testified and prove the wonder of this grass in treating numerous diseases.

In Africa, Paragis is used as a natural way of treating different kinds of illness. In Porac, Pampanga, the tribe of Aeta used it as an insect repellent. Paragis is declared to have protein and its leaves have silicon monoxide, calcium oxide, and chlorine compounds. It is also known to have numerous properties such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antidiabetic, antihistamine, natural diuretic, and cytotoxic properties. Its steam, roots, and leaves are used as herbal medicine by boiling it.

Paragis is also known to treat health issues such as asthma, epilepsy, malaria, infertility(women), bladder and liver problems, hemoptysis, and jaundice.

You don’t need an expensive medication anymore. Try the all natural and effective way of treatment by drinking Paragis.

Paragis plant is a sort of grass that more often available anywhere and being develops on empty parts and roadsides. The leaves resemble normal grass that are long leaf and decreased it's popularity when it's not rainy season. Paragis will produce itself and develop over it, as the blossom that gives the seeds of the plant.

The entire parts of the Paragis can be made out of specific sorts of chemicals and substances that provides good advantage to your health. The leaves of the Paragis contain silicon monoxide, calcium oxide, and chlorine that will help treat any illness. The Paragis plant likewise contains protein that will give more medicinal benefits of the body.

Ngayon hindi mo na kailangan magbunot ng paragis kung saan saan, dahil meron nang ginawang powedered juice.


"PARAGIS MIX Powedered Juice"

Paragis Mix not only has paragis grass extract, it also contains all the major superfoods that have the most health benefits such as:

✔︎ Paragis mix
✔︎ Ashitaba
✔︎ Mangosteen
✔︎ Buah Merah
✔︎ Moringa
✔︎ Soursop leaf
✔︎ Hibiscus
✔︎ Brazillian Acerola
✔︎ Purple Corn
✔︎ And stevia

It's 10 in 1 superfood mixed in a bottle!

Ang Paragis Mix ay napakabisang juice lalong lalo na sa mga hirap magbuntis , may pcos,ovarian cyst,myoma, polyps at iba pa.

This is just one of those superfoods that has great health benefits and can possibly cure some sickness and diseases.

Let's spread this good news and save more lives.

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